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Now I know what a scanning tunnelling microscope is, what it looks like and what it can do. And I also know where it is located and what it stands on. It’s at the ZAQuant in the heart of the university campus in Stuttgart. A unique piece of architecture in terms of building physics, but in the end also full of experiences, designed by Hammes Krause Architekten. More details coming soon in the DBZ 11 2023.

Benedikt Kraft / DBZ

Benedikt Kraft, deputy editor-in-chief of DBZ, visited the Center for Applied Quantum Technology at the University of Stuttgart on 27 September. He was guided through the research building by our project manager Astrid Karr and Dr. Rainer Stöhr from the university’s 3rd Institute of Physics. The tour provided deep insights into the fundamental quantum physics research and the architectural requirements necessary to foster cutting-edge research. The detailed report will be published in the November issue of DBZ. Stay tuned!

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