Architecture as Dialogue

We believe our work to be a service to the cause and understand that the development of our architecture is not something untouchable but a communicative process involving many specialists. The future users of the building and the client are, along with the entire planning team, closely involved in the development of the concept.

Collecting, developing, merging … what are the ways in which we can create a good work process?

»Our goal is to achieve an emphatic, cooperative dialogue with the client and the building’s future users, their demands and needs. Our way of working is permeated by an intense, collaborative discourse. From this discourse, possible approaches arise, which we duly analyse. Each new task triggers our curiosity and broadens the scope of our experience.«

»We understand the planning process to be a partnership, free and unrestricted, yet critical, working permanently with a focused target in mind. Working as partners on the best solutions.«

»Whenever our communication partners are open-minded, we work with a transparent design process and share all the findings and insights from this process. As a result the final design is usually one that has been created and discussed by the entire team.«

»Clients are included as much as possible when it comes to finding solutions, possibilities and discussions, thus enabling a transparent work process

»Our design process is always a collective activity, we work as ›mission teams‹. Although throughout the teams the hierarchies are clear, one team member being the owner of the practice and the other a student or employee, these hierarchies do not exist during the quest for solutions. What counts during the design process, without exception, is the content and the quality of each individual’s insights.«

How do we find the desired exchange between architect and client? How do we begin the conversation?

»The client is entitled to expect a lot from us: good, direct and honest communication, professionalism as well as buildings that fulfil the design brief and are tailored to the occupants and client’s needs. We are careful to ›pick up‹ the user. Therefore we don’t adhere to a strict architectural language but develop a new one with each project.«

»We take care to cultivate a high degree of transparency in our communication. We aim to maintain a clear and orderly structure of exchange and meet once a week for a ›jour fixe‹.«

»We invite our clients to our office as often as possible, in order to bring them closer to our work process and to show them, first hand, how we work on the projects.«

»We are listening!«

What makes our project work unique?

»It is our approach that makes our work unique: developing solutions through alternatives. Collaborative dialogue and gradual development of the project with the client. Content and context are always at the top of the agenda.«

»The result is good architecture which, with all the diversity of different parameters, keeps surprising the client, the building’s users, and ourselves again and again.«

»It is only through this special, highly collaborative, team-orientated office atmosphere that we can create unique buildings for our clients. And also … the daily project routine! Being on the go constantly is exhausting, but invigorating!«

»We are always open to new inspirations, structures, ways of working. At the same time we are asked to voice our own views, opinions, and concepts. Everyone is willing to entertain discussions.«

What encourages teamwork and team spirit?

»New ideas, and also fair criticism – well thought through and clearly executed – are always welcome. No dog-eat-dog culture – what counts instead is teamwork and team spirit.«

»A project is, for me, both a learning field and a playground. We were able to determine and allocate our roles and talents, so that even through hard work, it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun was had.«

»(…) the freedom we, as employees, are given to structure and evaluate our own themes and ideas.«

»The journey’s outcome was open but it was clear to all involved it would be a great ending!

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