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ZAQuant in the daily newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung

Stuttgarter Zeitung | Tuesday, 14 December 2021 | page 25 | arts section

A spectacular new research building, unique in the world, has been built on the university campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen: the Center for Applied Quantum Technology. It was designed by Hammeskrause Architekten. by Ulla Hanselmann


Like a treasure chest, the Center for Applied Quantum Technology sits on Allmandring. Its envelope has a velvety-metallic shimmer, and depending on the weather, its hue oscillates between anthracite, bronze and champagne.


With its sharp edges, the cube radiates pure elegance and precision.


Creating an intriguing design for this experimental wing, which is subject to the most complex functional requirements, was the architects’ ambition. To this end, they broke open the walls of the hall, which rise over two stories, with round windows in the upper third. On the second floor, these portholes visually link the laboratory hall with the offices and meeting zones, which are located behind glass walls all around. The experimental heart is thus always present for the staff.


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Photos: Brigida Gonzalez

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