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ZAQuant in the Stuttgarter Zeitung

The new building for the Center for Applied Quantum Technology on the Vaihingen University Campus impresses not only physicists. By Inge Jacobs

A building on the outside – a giant machine in terms of content: this is how Carmen Zinnecker-Busch, Head of the University Building Department, describes the Center for Applied Quantum Technology (ZAQuant). The building, designed by Hammeskrause Architekten BDA, sets standards in several respects. To meet the requirements of the top researchers, it was necessary to build not only offices and clean rooms, laser laboratories, physical, chemical and biomedical laboratories, but also extremely shielded measuring rooms. These (…) are the heart of the facility. In order to achieve almost complete vibration isolation, these ten-metre-high laboratory cubes are supported by concrete foundations weighing more than 150 tonnes, which are positioned with millimetre precision on pneumatically controlled air springs.


The new building convinced the Leibniz Prize winner to stay. University rector Wolfram Ressel proudly points to the reason for the new ZAQuant building. It was the only way to convince Jörg Wrachtrup not to accept his call to the TU Munich. (…) The result, says Wrachtrup, is “an unusually transparent building – we believe that communication is highly relevant in science”.



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