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ZAQuant in DBZ 11|2023

The current November issue of DBZ is dedicated to the topic of “research buildings”. In this issue, the Center for Applied Quantum Technology (ZAQuant) at the University of Stuttgart is featured on eight pages, and the view into the cleanroom of ZAQuant is even on the cover! We are very pleased about this. 

»The Center for Applied Quantum Technology is spectacularly unspectacular. Highest recognition to the hammeskrause office for designing such a complex project with such an elegant nonchalance.« DBZ magazine partner: Telluride Architektur

Many thanks to our colleagues and DBZ magazine partners Joel Hahn and Hubert Juranek from Telleruide for their appreciative comments and to the DBZ editorial team for jointly selecting the ZAQuant as one of the five featured projects.

The building fascinates with its rationality and subtle poetry, expressed in the wild-growing rooftop garden and in the views into and through the building that are made available to passersby. The architects have done an excellent job of encapsulating the exciting research into spaces that are more than mere functional places, but also not less.


And the researcher (user representative and physicist Dr. Rainer Stöhr) concludes: ‘We are all very happy with this building. We have a structure here that is very appealing to the talents we need. Besides all the technical superlatives, I repeatedly receive feedback that people feel comfortable here.’ With this, he may mean the crowded anterooms of the labs, but certainly also the rooftop garden with its wild greenery.

“Sprache der Forscher” by Benedikt Kraft, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of DBZ

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