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E&S Special Schools March 2022

The Ernst & Son special on schools features the shared cafeteria for two schools in Stuttgart on three pages.

“Space is the third pedagogue” is what educationalist Loris Malaguzzi, founder of Reggio pedagogy, once said. This “third pedagogue” is currently undergoing a conspicuous change: the development of the learning culture is also influencing the design of today’s school architecture. […]

Simone von Schönfeldt (Architect, Editor Specials)
Excerpt from the editorial, Ernst & Sohn Special March 2022


Participation means involvement in processes and can create identification through democratic procedures and mutual appreciation. In six intensive workshops, common ideas and variants were worked out and discussed with the pupils, from which a colour concept supported by all was developed. The idea of a “flower meadow for a picnic” elaborated in the workshops could be implemented without any changes. This one, jointly designed envelope is a symbol for the common heart of the schools, which are so different in their pedagogical orientation, and their pupils. The lived participation is an identity builder and at the same time a nucleus for consciousness-raising, which such a community-building place on this school campus deserves.

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