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29. September 2023 | Research and Institute Building by hammeskrause architekten

Last year, the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter (MPSD) moved into an extension building that provides space for two new departments and additional junior research groups. The design for the new building on the research campus in Hamburg’s Bahrenfeld district was developed by the Stuttgart-based firm hammeskrause architekten.


A central design element of the interior is a circular atrium with a glass dome, similar to that of the neighbouring CFEL, which serves as an entrance hall and main circulation zone. A flight of stairs leads to the first floor, where the circular shape continues. While most offices are arranged strictly along the façade, the central area features large circular openings in the ceiling and additional round units and ancillary rooms. hammeskrause state that they have avoided traditional corridors to transform the 150-metre-long building into a ‘flowing structure’, adding that this would ‘almost inevitably provoke’ communication and exchange.”

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