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“Bau 98” on Baunetz Wissen

Today in our newsletter: the link to a new article on Baunetz Wissen. The topic is BIM, the example discussed is Bau 98, the research building on the Basel premises of F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, which was put into operation almost a year ago.

Modeling up to LOD 500: The project was finalized beforehand in a comprehensive contract, which explicitly requested the BIM planning method. It was implemented as a Big Open BIM project, involving a total of eight planners who used over 20 different software solutions. In addition to programs for modeling, model analysis and model-based quality management, the BIM planning method was also used for model-based tendering, construction supervision and subsequent facility management. The project was detailed up to LOD 500. All in all, this range of services posed great challenges for the participants: for hammeskrause architekten, Bau 98 was the first project in which BIM was used on this scale.

Excerpt from Baunetz Wissen

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