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Build-Ing. Magazin 2 I 2020

A client demands BIM and suddenly everything changes. BIM the hard way.

An experience report by Tobias Döring, project manager BIM Implementation at hammeskrause architekten, about trying out, falling down, getting up, about 3D mice and men, and about a wealth of new insights.

In five years’ time, we will no longer be talking about the question: BIM or not BIM? BIM becomes normal. Processes that we pioneered will become standards. Highly technical visualisation methods will become the basis for the games industry. As early as 2015 we have decided: Despite all adversities in the first project – never, never again will we plan a project without an attributed three-dimensional model. We are also not running short of the spirit of research, expedition and pioneering. The digital revolution in construction has only just begun. We train BIM coordinators according to our own didactic concept. We are looking for new ways to bring AVA and BIM together. Transfer of manufacturer models to FM, revision models, AR on the construction site, AI, BCF… Our curiosity about the future is far from over. That’s why we are involved in BuildingSMART – because one thing is certain: Open BIM is the future of the construction industry, and we will be a formative part of it.

Build-Ing. 2 | 2020

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