Project SheetThe White Factory

Roche Research Building “Bau 98”, Basel

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  • Effective Area

    9.725 m²
  • Floor Area

    17.783 m²
  • Floor Volume

    80.665 m³
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  • Awards

    Facility of the Year 2020, Equipment Innovation Category International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, ISPE
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    Beat Ernst, © Roche Ltd.

Brought to light.  The attractive, high-quality work environment is a central feature of Bau 98. An elemental decision was taken to bring natural daylight to the workplaces. As laboratory animals are usually kept in a strict regime with artificial lighting, partly with swapped day/night cycles, this is usually not common. This, in combination with the desired flexibility of the rooms’ uses and the limited volume above ground, brought about the crucial challenges for the structure of Bau 98.

Architectural languageRoche‘s Basel estate, which was mostly built in line with 20th century Modernism, is known as “The White Factory”. This is still characteristic today: typical are the light colour of the façades, the ribbon windows and the clear forms. Bau 98 implements these principles. The lobby, located under the atrium, is entered via the carefully designed entrance. The building’s clear, timelessly elegant style aims to convey transparency. It creates an ideal environment for the wellbeing of the animals and a high workplace quality alike.

Façade.  The well visible basis for the façade is a highly insulated metal window structure with exterior shades for sun and visual protection. In order to be able to use them reliably and independently from the weather they are protected on the outside by a frameless, impact-absorbing glass pane inserted on a level with the bands of the solidly white concrete façade. The glass and concrete surfaces are clearly and concisely structured using the same partitioning.

  • Humans have always represented their world and its parts using abstractions. But these are not always legible to everyone. BIM is a potent milestone on the way to empowerment, so that the understanding of spaces and buildings can, through good coordination, succeed simultaneously for all.

    Nils Krause

  • For the first time there is, aside from the physical model, a jointly created, virtual, informed model, of which can be anticipated that it will be an indispensable and profitable part of the digital context of buildings. The imperative of participation as well as the ambition to avoid wastefulness make the method of BIM planning highly attractive to us.

    Nils Krause



Roche Research Building “Bau 98”, Basel

  • Grenzacherstrasse 124
  • 4070 Basel
  • Schweiz


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