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The Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld is featured in the current edition of Edition 1:100 »Nachhaltige Baukultur. Ressourcenschonend planen.« (Sustainable Building Culture. Planning resource-efficiently.) with a total of six pages.


With the building sector being one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, the increasingly urgent call for a turnaround in the construction industry becomes an indispensable path to the future. Along the sustainability concepts of efficiency, sufficiency and consistency, architects, planners and clients are finding unconventional ways to reduce the ecological footprint in the planning and implementation of construction projects. […] This compendium provides an overview of sustainable architecture based on 40 projects of various typologies. These examples present different approaches – from building in existing contexts to modern timber and straw construction to building botany

Anneke Lubkowitz, Deutscher Architektur Verlag
  • Deutscher Architektur Verlag
  • Edition 1:100
  • Publisher: Anneke Lubkowitz
  • ISBN 978-3946154730
  • Hardback edition, 264 pages
  • Published in March 2024

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