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Architektur in Hamburg - Jahrbuch 2022/23

We are delighted that the Hamburg Chamber of Architects has selected the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld for publication in the yearbook 2022/23.

Six pages are dedicated to our Max Planck Institute in the current publication Architektur in Hamburg – Jahrbuch 2022/23. Markus Hammes himself took the author Falk Jäger on a tour of the research building at the end of August.


The view expands to the upper floors, walking up is an architectural experience in itself.


Many things are unusual in this building, including the location of the cafeteria, which is not conveniently positioned next to the foyer as usual, but up here at the front side of the first floor, at the end of the stairway to heaven. The pleasant space boasts panoramic windows overlooking the roof garden and outdoor seating surrounded by greenery in front of it.


With its radiant appearance, its fine, elegant structure, its contrasting materials and the powerful burgeoning roof garden, it is one of the most beautiful buildings on the Helmholtz Association’s research campus on Luruper Chaussee.

Falk Jäger

  • Publishing house: Junius Verlag
  • Editor: Hamburgische Architektenkammer
  • Title: Architektur in Hamburg – Jahrbuch 2022/23
  • ISBN 978-3-96060-551-5
  • Published in November 2022
  • 224 pages, 200 color illustrations und drawings

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