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New Physics Building, University of Stuttgart

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At the Physics Department, scientists from 15 institutes deal with topics related to experimental and theoretical physics, basic and applied research. In addition to scientific activities, the focus is on teaching physics. Here, physics students are instructed and practical courses are offered for a wide range of departments. The programme is supplemented by the didactics area and the “Play of Forces” exhibition, which offers school classes and their teachers practical physics lessons.

The new physics building pools the top international research of the University of Stuttgart on the Vaihingen Campus and is being built for around 450 scientific staff and around 700 students in the Physics Department.

» Magistrale: The ZAQuant represents the prelude to the so-called new Magistrale of Physics at the University of Stuttgart, a new main axis. Two more buildings, also designed by Hammeskrause Architekten, are to be built by 2028. Their arrangement in the urban space is intended to create a sequence of squares and open spaces, thus generating a clear address for physics on the Allmandring. «
From: Tief im Innern liegt ein Schatz, Stuttgarter Zeitung 14.12.2021

The room schedule of the Physics Department is divided into two buildings: a six-storey teaching building to the east and a five-storey institute building to the west.

The central teaching building is mainly home to student “operations” and practical classes for beginners and advanced students. An attractive foyer, student lounge and work areas in conjunction with a dedicated cafeteria and outdoor area promote student life in the southern part of the campus. Half of the institutes are located on the upper floors.

The institute building to the west provides space for other institutes and core facilities, such as clean rooms, crystallography and cryogenics. A footbridge connects the two buildings on the upper floors.


  • Foyer in the central teaching building


  • Large lecture theatre in the teaching building

  • Foyer with exhibition area and spacious seating steps in the teaching building

  • Large lecture theatre in the teaching building

Section through the teaching building to the east with large lecture theatre

The six-storey teaching building comprises three basement storeys with teaching and classrooms and three standard storeys with institute areas above them. The storey heights vary according to user requirements and the connection possibilities to the surrounding terrain. The teaching building and the institute building are connected above ground by a walkway on Levels 3 and 4. The walkway is planned as a weather-protected passage between the institutes.

Planning with BIM: The section through the 3D model visualises the high complexity of laboratory planning.

The exacting technical requirements of the building include the structural dynamic decoupling of the laboratory and clean room areas, the shielding of electromagnetic interactions and the integration of the highly specialised and complex building services due to the diverse laboratory uses. With the aim of ensuring sustainability and future adaptability, clear structures were developed that allow for greatest possible changes of future functions within the system.


New Physics Building, University of Stuttgart

  • Allmandring 3 und 3 A
  • 70569 Stuttgart
  • Deutschland

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