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Translational Science Center TSC, Darmstadt

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The Translational Science Center (TSC) is an integrated, flexibly usable research centre being built on Merck’s factory site in Darmstadt, Germany, comprising an animal facility, laboratories, a modern knowledge work environment, a lecture hall and a bistro. From 2025, the building will be home to leading lights in science who will conduct scientific work in pioneering fields of research — from the identification of disease-specific biomarkers to the development of personalised therapies.

Since modern research is inconceivable without close interaction and exchange between different professional disciplines, special attention will be paid to promoting spontaneous and informal communication. The atrium in the centre of the building provides light and air, connects both the floors and functions, and creates relationships between sightlines and paths.

The TSC is designed as a “green” building and is constructed according to the principles of sustainable building, which also take into account the careful use of resources. The energy supply is based on photovoltaics and geothermal energy. This cuts energy costs by more than 60%, resulting in a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

  • To get in touch and exchange ideas, people start moving around. 

  • At the TSC, innovative working environments with a particularly high ambience quality are implemented in the form of activity-based working concepts; the spatial structure and ceiling heights ensure maximum flexibility and convertibility.

  • The TSC will be home to leading lights in science.


Translational Science Center TSC, Darmstadt

  • Frankfurter Straße 250
  • 64293 Darmstadt
  • Deutschland

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