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Research building in Stuttgart by hammeskrause architekten

The Centre for Applied Quantum Technology (ZAQuant) at the University of Stuttgart is a homogeneous cuboid on the outside, not giving any indication of its futuristic interior. Behind the finely structured glass and aluminium façade, which is largely closed in some areas, cutting-edge research in the field of quantum sensor technology is conducted […].


The architects have used their sensitivity in creating views in and out of the building to provide daylight and orientation, but also to allow at least a little of the normally closed-off research work to become visible. The internal corridors around the measuring laboratory hall are designed as a circular route with large portholes. On the top floor, an incised inner courtyard illuminates the surrounding areas. And the clean room opens up to the foyer with floor-to-ceiling glazing, photogenically bathed in yellow light to protect the work areas from disturbing daylight.


BauNetz Meldung 29.08.2022

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