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Roche Innovation Center Shanghai

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Excellent architecture has got a long-standing and successful history with F. Hoffmann La-Roche. Its continuous development since the 1930’s has led to a distinct corporate identity.

Roche buildings express a good deal about their corporate culture.


The space inside the Roche Innovation Center Shanghai RICS is structured like a landscape. There are broad paths and narrow shortcuts, dense successions of spaces and wide open clearings, views across the vertical, diverse glimpses into and out of spaces. Overlapping voids and staircases pass through various storeys, connecting people across all levels.

Situated in the center of the building is the Market Place. It is here that all employees meet – crossing paths, horizontally as well as vertically. Daylight coming in through skylights creates a pleasant atmosphere at this special place within the RICS building. Even with this generosity of space, the human scale remains the driving factor for an appropriate design.

  • The teams work in small, manageable clusters, changing between laboratory benches, evaluation areas with write-up desks and specialist research equipment. Several teams make up so-called units, brought together in the D-shaped laboratory clusters. For these neighbourhoods of teams and units special places for encounters and exchanges are provided, becoming an integral part of the work environment.

  • Innovation occurs through communication. Spontaneous meetings and chance encounters are encouraged by short distances, spatial density and a thorough mixture of functions. In this, an even balance of communication and concentration is crucial for an innovation-inspiring working atmosphere.


Roche Innovation Center Shanghai

  • Long Dong Road
  • Shanghai
  • China

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