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New Isotope Laboratory, Universität zu Lübeck

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After 40 years of use, there was no way of refurbishing the existing isotope laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine on the Lübeck university campus with reasonable effort. The new laboratory building for the Sciences now complements the existing structure. It also constitutes a component for the development of the university campus towards a hub of modern life science: the interlocking spaces for the Sciences and Medicine create synergies which are crucial for modern biomedical research.

» The building is entirely enveloped by a homogeneous structure of semitransparent profiled industral glass, deliberately contrasting the existing buildings of prefabricated elements. The material's translucency gives the building lightness but also depth. «
Markus Hammes, Architect

With a length of ca. 30 metres and a width of 13 metres the new isotope laboratory finds its shape following the existing circulation paths and access routes. The irregular form makes optimum use of the limited site, maintaining the views across the court. At its narrow end the building is only 3 metres wide.
The four-storey isotope laboratory comprises ca. 360 square metres of usable space, including RK2 radiation protection lab spaces as well as biochemical labs with S1 safety level providing good protection to researchers and students working with radionuclides.

  • The new building is situated in heterogeneous surroundings. Being an annex to the existing isotope laboratory, it was erected as a compact, self-contained building. Tying together the two buildings functionally as well as spatially not only makes sense in that the scientists can collaborate closely but also for technical and economic reasons: if the existing building undergoes refurbishment, research and teaching can continue uninterrupted in the new building.

  • On the ground and first floors there are a total of ten lab and three office workplaces for radioactivity and genetics research. As the workplaces are arranged in clusters, there is space for up to 15 persons researching at the same time. The laboratory units can easily be adapted to new requirements and offer optimal working conditions through short distances.

  • Due to its radiation protection level the building is not open to the public and can only be accessed via manlocks. However floor-to-ceiling windows allow people from outside to have a glimpse at the researchers and their work.

  • At the same time the researchers can look outside into nature and benefit from a good deal of daylight.



New Isotope Laboratory, Universität zu Lübeck

  • Ratzeburger Allee 160
  • 23562 Lübeck

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