NewsLecture by Markus Hammes

Carl Benz Center Stuttgart

As part of the Heinze ArchitekTOUR 2022, Markus Hammes will give a lecture on “Architektur Landschaft | Nachhaltige Lern-Orte” (Architecture Landscape | Sustainable Learning Environments) on Thursday 22.09.2022 at 13:30 at the Carl Benz Center in Stuttgart.

The following aspects are highlighted using two projects in Hamburg, the Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics and the Light & Schools Physics School Laboratory, as examples:


Starting from the idea that all building begins with the destruction of the natural environment, the lecture will show the responsibility of architects for the built environment. The entire spectrum of sustainability aspects, economy, ecology and socio-cultural aspects will be explained on the basis of the two projects. One large and one small building project in close proximity on the Bahrenfeld Research Campus in Hamburg.


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