News“Architektur in Hamburg”

Jahrbuch 2021/22

We are delighted that the Hamburg Chamber of Architects has selected the Physics School Laboratory at the University of Hamburg for publication in the current Yearbook 2021/22. Eight pages are dedicated to the House of Teaching – Light & Schools. This year sees the publication of the 33rd volume of the Architektur in Hamburg yearbook (“Architecture in Hamburg”). On Thursday 4 November, we were invited to attend the book presentation at the Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg.


The architecture with its technical orientation is high-tech, presented with the understatement of a ‘shell’ look, which of course only pretends to be of structural simplicity. The architects know that this ‘style’ is particularly difficult to implement because it has to be precise. That is the case here. The joining of the components, the connections and details – everything is perfect, as if made in a manufactory. For ceiling panelling, window profiles and wall reliefs are not mass-produced but haute couture.


The slanting concrete columns seem to be competing with the branches of the pine trees. Nature prevails: a wonderful symbol of sustainability when concrete has to subordinate itself to grown wood

Dirk Meyhöfer
  • Title: Architektur in Hamburg – Jahrbuch 2021/22
  • Publishing house: Junius
  • Editor: Hamburg Chamber of Architects
  • Pages: 32-39
  • ISBN 978-3-96060-535-5
  • Year of publication: 2021

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