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Selected | Max Planck Institute in Hamburg

We are pleased to announce that the Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter has been awarded the “Design Educates Award 2023 – DEA SELECTED” in the Architectural Design category.

The Design Educates Awards recognise and promote the best ideas and implementations of architecture and design that support education worldwide. Chaired by Professor Toyo Ito, a jury of renowned experts looks for an added value – something that will have a lasting impact beyond the ubiquitous effects of design and architecture. The Design Educates Awards are organised by the non-profit Laka Foundation.

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The terracing of the 150-metre-long building towards the south creates roof areas at different levels. These were designed in close cooperation with the landscape architects from L+ and Professor Mark Krieger as a two-level, approximately 2,500-square-metre rooftop garden with intensive and extensive greenery.


This park landscape on the roof of the highly efficient research building offers scientists, students and guests an exceptional quality of stay. Based on the idea that all building begins with the destruction of the natural environment, the intensive greening of the roof surfaces makes a significant contribution to sustainability and illustrates the architects’ responsibility for the built environment.

Markus Hammes

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