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E&S Special University Buildings 2022

The new ZAQuant research centre at the University of Stuttgart is portrayed on five pages in the current Ernst & Sohn special issue on University Buildings:

The Centre for Applied Quantum Technology at the University of Stuttgart is a new research building that is unique in the world. Here, interdisciplinary basic research is carried out in high-precision laboratories, among other things, under the highest technical and structural requirements.”

Thomas Arndtz, Editorial Office Specials
Excerpt from the editorial, Ernst & Sohn Special December 2022


On the outside, the ZAQuant at the University of Stuttgart is a homogenous cuboid that does not reveal its futuristic interior. Behind the finely structured glass and aluminium façade, cutting-edge research in the field of quantum sensor technology is conducted. […] The heart of the building is the three-storey experimental hall, in which four high-precision laboratories are lined up. The measuring cabins, each with dimensions of 6 x 8 x 10 metres, enable isolated measuring operations with the greatest possible exclusion of microseismic vibrations and low-frequency magnetic fields. […] Connected by floor-to-ceiling glazing, the foyer and clean room jointly form the prelude to the high-precision world. Visitors are welcomed with the characteristic warm yellow light and are given the greatest possible insight into the research laboratory; in return, the researchers can maintain eye contact with the outside world.

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