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Workshops for the Sciences, University of Regensburg

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The new building unites the workshops and storing spaces which are currently scattered all over the campus in one single facility. It will optimize deliveries, the dispatch of materials and finished workpieces as well as the disposal of waste materials. The building fits elegantly between the existing Chemistry and Biology buildings and, with its exposed-concrete façade, pays homage to the materiality of the Campus from the 1970’s. Bands of dark metal will be embedded within the exposed board-marked concrete which seek to outline in fields the opening elements of varying sizes, such as windows, doors and gates. With its individual façade and volume the new building is an attractive finale for the university grounds, which gently slope downwards to this point.

» We want the building to look like a precisely crafted workpiece. The dark window bands seem to be cut out from the monolithic block of exposed concrete. «
From the architects' statement

The workshop building is L-shaped and together with the existant disposal centre forms a delivery court. The large one-storey workshop wing comprises several workshops for the Faculties of Physics and Biology, the CNC centres, and the reception desk with a 24/7-delivery/pickup station. A three-storey slab sits orthogonally to the workshop wing and contains the central technical facilities and large storage spaces as well as offices and meeting rooms. Both its width and position align with the existing neighbouring structures.

  • The rooftops are visible from the existing terraced structure of the Faculty of Chemistry and will be carried out as biodiverse green roofs.
    Where the two parts of the building meet, the central staircase connects the new building in two directions to the Chemistry cluster and to the university’s circulation system. Through their generous, communicative design the circulation zones encourage spontaneous, informal exchange among all users.

  • Following the campus’s sloping grounds, the entrance is situated on basement level and enables barrier-free deliveries. This basement forms a podium, with the office-space slab projecting over it. Together with the passage between the two parts of the building – which later will also allow access to the buildings behind the new workshop yet to be built – they form generous, protected delivery zones.

  • Sustainability is a substantial aspect in the design. Recycled concrete will be used, as well as light concrete ceiling slabs and reused aluminium. Natural light and ventilation will create spaces with good atmosphere. The lighting, shading and ventilation can be controlled by the users themselves. Energy consumption is planned to be at least 30 % less than the standard of EnEV 2009, with as little technical equipment as possible.



Workshops for the Sciences, University of Regensburg

  • Bajuwarenstraße 2d
  • 93053 Regensburg
  • Deutschland

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