Project SheetResearchers' terraces

Preclinical Centre for Molecular Signaling PZMS, Homburg

What is special about the site was turned into a unique site within the building.

Nils Krause

The design makes respectful and appropriate use of the grounds’ topography so that the slope can be experienced within the building. The resulting “researchers’ terraces“ become the central functional place for the internal and external communication. Lobby, seminar room, lounge areas, the central vertical circulation as well as areas for presentations and discussions are combined in an identity-endowing spatial situation.

  • Urban and spatial qualities

    The design takes up the orthogonal features of the neighbouring building, thus perfectly rounding off the urban setting. From the southern access road the main entrance is accessed via a barrier-free ramp with stairs and sitting-steps set into the slope’s terraces. The building’s ground floor interweaves with the exterior space and the slope, providing a base for the horizontal, “flying“ structure of the upper levels. In this way it reacts with a distinctive design to its special situation on the slope.

  • Access, circulation and orientation

    The inner circulation is organised in a vertical central space with open stairways, an elevator and adjoining meeting and communication spaces. From here, the circular corridor within the organisational units is zoned by daylight coming from the lightcourts. The visitor can enjoy short distances and clear orientation. For safety, the individual functional areas can easily be separated and controlled. In particular, the laboratories can be accessed by their own, separable corridors.

  • Structuring, grouping and connecting the functional areas

    The organisational units are arranged horizontally, allowing them to be connected in a continuous space on one level. As the Animal Facility is set into the slope it is not perceived from the exterior nor from the interior framework of the building. The garden court also allows daylight to filter through this level half set in the slope. The four staircases designed to be fire escapes in the first place provide short and varied vertical connections. The open stairway located in the middle of the building makes a central, attractive space connecting PZMS’s principal communicative areas.


Preclinical Centre for Molecular Signaling PZMS, Homburg

  • Kirrberger Str
  • 66421 Homburg
  • Deuschland


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