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Marburg Ion-Beam Therapy Centre

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The Marburg Ion-Beam Therapy Centre (MIT) is an outpatient facility treating oncological diseases by 3D proton and heavy ion irradiation. The cutting-edge radiation technology destroys the tumour cells precisely while leaving the healthy tissue unmarred.

With four irradiation rooms and ten immobilisation rooms, the centre provides spaces for the treatment of up to 2000 patients per year, completed by offices for administration and diagnosis as well as a small research space. An integral, resource-saving energy concept makes use of the considerable output of process heat and cold as well as of the heat most efficiently reclaimed from the exhaust air, for the heating and hot-water supply of the hospital, as well as for the cooling of the examination rooms and the offices, which also benefit from night cooling.

  • The greatest obstacle for the critically ill patient is entering the hospital.

    Approaching the treatment facilities step by step helps to reduce the patients’ fear of the high-tech medicine. The treatment takes place in pleasant and mostly non-medicinal surroundings.

  • The front with the main entrance is one large opening, generous, wide, and fully glazed.

    The waiting rooms and areas adjacent to the irradiation rooms are bright and well-lit: the patient is met with a friendly and generous gesture.

  • With this gesture of open arms the architecture fulfils two brief requirements at once:

  • Calming the arriving patients and fading …

    The narrower the spaces must become for therapeutic reasons, the more intensively architectural means are used. To dissolve the spaces that keep getting narrower, daylight is captured through skylights, colour is used, furniture is loosely arranged and artificial lighting is carefully selected.

  • … the more dominant technical building structures into the background.

    The aim of this concept is to best possibly relieve the distress the patients experience during their treatment inside the massive and hermetically sealed concrete bunkers.

Corridor leading into the shielded irradiation room

In the labyrinth leading up to the irradiation room artificial light helps to alleviate the needed maximum impenetrability. Coloured panels in straight alignment provide orientation and visually open up the narrowing space


Marburg Ion-Beam Therapy Centre

  • Baldingerstraße 1
  • 35043 Marburg
  • Deutschland


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