NewsDAT/19: German Architects’ Day 2019

On 27 September in Berlin

Panel 7.2: 2030 – What will the future of our working world be like?

Humans have always depicted their world and its components as abstraction. But this could not always be understood by everyone. BIM is a powerful milestone, on the way of gaining manageability and understanding, so that communication about space and construction succeeds for everyone involved simultaneously and in good coordination. For the first time, a federally generated, virtual, informed model is being created in addition to the physical model, and it is already foreseeable that it will be an indispensable and value-adding part of the digital context of built structures. Their participative imperative, and their desire to avoid waste, make the BIM planning method highly attractive to us.

Nils Krause

“Relevance – shaping spaces” is the motto of the 14th German Architects’ Day 2019 (DAT) on 27 September 2019 in Berlin. The participants can expect a festive event, better still a festival of architecture with an extensive supporting programme. As a profession, we will show our colours and jointly position ourselves with regard to all building tasks of our society and to future challenges for a liveable, built environment.

Announcement of the Federal Chamber of Architects


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