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EGNATON Forum 2021

As part of the EGNATON Forum 2021, Markus Hammes will be offering a study tour of the Roche Innovation Center Shanghai RICS on Monday, 16 August from 3:45 pm to provide insights into this state-of-the-art research building. Are you interested? If so, you can register here.

In the new RICS research building, short distances, spatial density and a mix of functions contribute to a working atmosphere that promotes innovation. The space is structured like a landscape. There are wide paths and narrow shortcuts, dense room sequences and wide clearings, unrestricted views in a vertical direction, diverse perspectives into and out of the building. In the centre of the building is the market place. This is where all employees come together — this is where all routes intersect, horizontally and vertically. Daylight enters the market place through skylights and creates a pleasant atmosphere at this special place inside the RICS. Despite all the spaciousness of the interiors, the human scale is the guideline for an appropriate design.

Markus Hammes

With its EGNATON FORUM, the Europäische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Labortechnologien e.V. (European Association for Sustainable Laboratory Technologies) offers a challenging programme for anyone with an interest in laboratory construction, sustainable research buildings and all issues concerning sustainability. You are cordially invited to register for the exciting topics every third Monday of the month from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.

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