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Physics school laboratory «Light & Schools», Hamburg

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The physics school laboratory at Hamburg University, Light & Schools, fills young people with enthusiasm for physics by means of fascinating experiments. This programme is offered to middle school as well as upper secondary school classes of both district and grammar schools in Hamburg. Advanced technologies which surround the pupils in their daily lives are made accessible so that everyday experiences can be explored. In modern laboratories, the pupils are offered a chance to experiment in the field of laser physics. Lectures on recent research topics, guided lab tours through the Institute of Laser Physics and information on careers in physics are also offered. Students of experimental physics find workplaces for their practical training here, too.

» We more or less planned the building around the trees, this does, of course, require an enthusiastic client – but conscientiousness on the side of the contractors is essential too. This could only be achieved through a joint effort! «
Markus Hammes

With its transparent and open design, offering many visual contacts as well as views out into the forest on the southern side, the open lobby becomes the centre of the new building. It is composed of the interior foyer and the adjacent exterior spaces which are determined by the two existing fir trees integrated into the building’s layout as defining elements of structure and space.



Physics school laboratory «Light & Schools», Hamburg

  • Luruper Chausee 149
  • 22761 Hamburg
  • Deutschland

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