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2nd price – competition

We are very pleased to have won 2nd prize in the competition “Neubau Landratsamt” in Landsberg am Lech for the new administrative district office. Congratulations to the team Jonathan Arkless and Vega Pérez-Lozao!

On the whole, this design thrives on the symbiosis of natural space and building, at the same time emphasising its special status in terms of function and urban planning and yet remaining inviting and down-to-earth. Bringing the landscape into the interior of the building creates a welcoming gesture and a pleasant microclimate inside the courtyard. With this understated and yet atmospherically charged building, the district administration office appears to be in touch with its citizens, employee-friendly and identity-generating for the location.

Jury statement

Design idea

  • As a representative building of the district, the district administration office establishes itself as a deliberate large-scale form in a very heterogeneous suburban context of industrial and commercial buildings of large and architecturally inhomogeneous granularity, between the motorway and the busy urban arterial road.
  • The solitaire forms a large inner courtyard, open on one side, as a protected (noise and sound protection) entrance and common area for citizens and employees.
  • Besides a certain self-confident appearance of the building itself, its surrounding green space as an “ambassador” of the district’s landscapes is the primary feature of this design.

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