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3rd prize in the competition for Grundschule Süd Bitburg

We are happy about achieving 3rd prize in the competition “Erweiterung Grundschule Süd” (extension of an elementary school) in Bitburg. Congratulations to the team Max Junker and Juan Pablo Orejuela!


The structural integration of the gymnasium and the second building phase creates a convincing, complete facility, rather than an addition of separate buildings. A new entrance for the new and existing school in the southern section has been proposed; the existing entrance could be removed. The large-scale functional areas, such as the gymnasium and canteen, are consistently oriented towards the intermediate area, and a ‘functional back’ is just as consistently extending along Kirchweg. (…) Architecturally, a convincing interior differentiation is achieved in the structural uniformity.

Excerpt from the jury report

Design idea

  • The extensions (1+2) of the elementary school and the sports hall form a back towards Kirchweg, which is very heterogeneous in terms of urban space.
  • The historical school building is maintained as a solitaire and forms an ensemble with the new building.
  • The sports hall, also serving as the municipal “festival hall”, is oriented with its forecourt towards Borenweg and the city centre. The elementary school, with a new common entrance for the extension and the existing building, is oriented to the quiet surroundings around St. Peter’s Church to the south.
  • St. Peter’s Church with its “campanile”, the new building and the existing building form a high-quality urban ensemble around the schoolyard.

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