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Search for traces on 424 pages

Animation and photos: strobo B M

10 years after the first book entitled reflexionen | reflections, which was conceived as a reflective act of looking at the projects of the office from internal and external perspectives, we are once again searching for traces.

It is still there, the curiosity for change and for how things change. So is the realization that setting out never stops, that what has been achieved is always the platform for the next step and also an incentive. It is in this sense that this book is to be read, to let the chosen terms and themes serve as inspiration. For architecture does not stop being just because it is built; on the contrary, this is where it really begins.

Fact list

  • Publisher: Birkhäuser
  • Editor: Eva Maria Herrmann, Natascha von Herz
  • Authors: Anja Gerigk, Julia Graven, Oliver Herwig
  • Layout: strobo B M
  • Pages: 424
  • Format: 28 x 20 cm
  • Languages: German and English
  • ISBN: 978-3-0356-2089-4
  • Price: 49.95 Euro

On the basis of their own implemented projects, hammeskrause architekten take up socially relevant topics in this book, such as socio-cultural changes and their effects on architecture or building in existing contexts. In addition to the functional viewpoint of the architects, this approach is intended to arouse the reader’s curiosity and allow him to think outside the box. In a clear structure of chapters, a wealth of narrative strands is assigned to three activities: setting out, participating, thinking ahead. The semantics of these verbs and the interpretation of their basic meanings provide the guidelines for the individual project presentations. In addition to classical architectural media such as photographs and sketches, the book shows different buildings in use instead of clean architecture.


publisher’s preview by Birkhäuser

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