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New Biomedical Research building BMF, Lübeck

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The compact five-storey structure extends the existing CBBM building by a 66 metre long volume. The inner spaces receive daylight from a roofed atrium, the building’s central element. This not only creates a meaningful connection to the neighbouring building, the Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism – CBBM, but also a logical sequence of well-lit lounge and access spaces, from the main entrance at the campus park down to the CBBM.

» New home for biomedical university scientists (…) wall to wall with CBBM, the Center for Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (…) «
Michael Hollinde, Lübecker Nachrichten of 13 December, 2016 (topping-out ceremony)

With the new building for biomedical research, BMF, the Universität zu Lübeck receives two new research facilities: the Lübeck Center for Infections & Inflammation as well as a centre for Clinical Research. Biomedical and chemical laboratories with increased safety requirements are created; they share a safety level 3 laboratory as well as the areas for experimental animal keeping. The inner circulation has key relevance, as clustering research activities in specifically designated centres will promote synergies and stimulate exchange among the scientists.


New Biomedical Research building BMF, Lübeck

  • Marie-Curie-Straße
  • 23562 Lübeck
  • Deutschland

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