FUTURE CAMPUS | Design Quality in University Building, 22.11.2016

Herausgegeben von Ian Taylor, Higher Education Design Quality Forum, RIBA Publishing 2016, ISBN 9781859466100 Projekt: Max-Planck-Institut für Biologie des Alterns, Köln Seite 49 „The layout and organisation of the building fundamentally enables a collaborative research environment (demonstrated on the upper floor plan). Offices and specialist labs – the more quiet and sensitive space types – are located around the perimeter of the building. Laboratory clusters sit inward, creating a quiet corridor relationship with the perimeter offices but are open to guests and other building users within the central atrium space, which comprises transparent meeting rooms. The extensive use of glass maximises visibility between laboratories, offices and public activities within the atrium, fostering cross-collaborations between departments and further allows for science to be the showcase of the building. Bridges within the atrium allow for horizontal circulation between individual lab clusters, connecting the varying research departments.“