In 2001, architects Markus Hammes and Nils Krause formed a partnership under the name hammeskrause architekten. With their team, they are providing architectural services in Stuttgart, Germany. By now, a series of complex construction projects have been completed.
“The way we work is characterized by an intensive, mutual and iterative discourse. As a result of this discourse, solutions arise, which we evaluate thoroughly. The search for adequate architectural statements pursues the objectives of systemic contextual approaches. This process places the spotlight on the liberties inherent in the functionally, technically and economically bound programs. On the different levels it is also especially linked to their socio-cultural, geographic and structural neighbors and adjacent landscapes.
The cooperation with our clients is based on maximum transparency in the content-driven processes. We value personal interactions. What we aim to achieve is to enter into an empathetic, cooperative dialog with the client, the user and their interests.
Every new assignment makes us eager to learn and expands our wealth of experience. It is one of the key objectives of our work to develop a compatible architectural statement and to implement it down to the tiniest detail by taking a contextual approach to the external and internal conditions.”